Semmel Family Forest

David Semmel

The Semmel Family Forest
The Metzger Family
Origins: From the locations of clusters of maternal relations, I believe that the Metzger family originated in the Baden-W├╝rttemberg state in the southwest of Germany, likely in or around the town of Pfortzheim.

The olderst known Metzger, Leib, died in Przemysl c. 1822 at age 90. Because the records only start in the late 18th century I know of Leib, and his son Soloman, and grandson Dovid, from their death records which do not list place of birth.

With these old records, on cannot say for sure where exactly they were born as the records tend to list the major town where their birth was registered, not necessarily the shtetl of their birth. Generally, the Metzgers were born from Przemysl to the south, to Jaroslaw to the north, and Moschiska to the east. If forced t pick a center, it would have to be Medyka.